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Tecnologia e os efeitos linguísticos destrutivos

Taiwan's Chinese-language Business Weekly magazine reported that the Chinese writing ability of Taiwanese students from elementary to graduate level is deteriorating. One main reason is that since Taiwan's education reforms, students at all levels do not read as much as their predecessors did. In addition, with TV, MP3 players and cellphones everywhere, it is rare to see someone reading. However, it is apparent that students learn to write primarily by carefully observing what is already written.
The English writing ability of students is also worsening year by year. One conspicuous indication of the disastrous performance is that more than 10 percent of the students who take the university entrance exam received a zero in the composition section of the English test.
Writing plays a pivotal role both in school life and in one's career. One of the most crucial points in education is to learn to communicate clearly and effectively in written language -- either in Chinese as the first language or English as a second or foreign language.
That is why many curriculums include courses that require reading and writing proficiency and which must be completed before graduation. Many jobs require a decent command of writing in different genres such as e-mails, letters, proposals, news reports, essays and papers.
Actually, the inadequate writing ability of the younger generation seems to be a universal phenomenon. It might be partly due to the frequent use of the Internet and informal writing.

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